Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just call me stingy

I'm Dutch, so I guess that makes me a little cheap on the money side but I wonder if it has anything to do with the type of stingy I'm talking about.. I'm stingy with my compliments!!

I work with some of most wonderful people who daily and almost as soon as I walk in the door compliment me in some way, my hair, outfit, bag.. someone always likes something. What a way to start the day huh! I also have some awesome friends who tell me I'm a great Mom and laugh at me constantly (the greatest compliment in my opinion) and I know people who just give compliments out so freely and effortlessly to the store clerk, a stranger, or a waitress without even thinking about it.. it just happens! And then there is my husband, who compliments me all the time and thinks I look great in my sweats.. thanks babe :)

Its not that way for me, I'm much more likely to tell my husband that his feet smell terrible than to tell him his butt looks good even if I think it does.. I do by the way :) I've always just been more critical than complimentary. There are so many times that I see opportunities to compliment someone and I think nice thoughts, but just rarely say it! I didn't really realize this about myself until my adult life when I very much started to appreciate compliments that I got from others, it's amazing what kind words can do for you.

I want to make other people feel good about themselves, the way that they do for me. I don't want it to be all about me and how I feel! If that means telling one of my patients that I like their cat sweater even if its not something I would ever, ever wear or giving a thankful hug to my child for coloring me the 16th my little pony picture for the day then I need to do that. I don't want to become a fake person but I don't think a couple extra compliments given would hurt me at all! The extra effort is worth it to put a smile in someones face, compliments are good for the soul.

In addition to not being so great at giving compliments, I'm not the best at graciously accepting them either! If I get a compliment about my hair I usually blabber on about how it needs to be cut or colored and that I need a new style and if someone likes my shirt I'll blurt out that it was super cheap on sale and there is a small stain in the sleeve and its starting to pill.... seriously- a simple thank you and a smile would be sufficient!!

 So I guess when it comes to compliments I need to work on dishing them out and taking them! Do others struggle with this as well?

Ooohh.. I LOOOVE your cat sweater ma'am :)


  1. Omgosh you kill me. I loooove the cat sweater. I get embarrassed when people compliment me, like my Dad said I was pretty the other day and it made me feel so good but I got all shy! I think I give too many compliments sometimes, but like you said, it can't hurt unless we are straight up lying just for something to do.
    I think you are a great person and I can't wait to have kids and have you be my advisor for all things wife and motherhood! See you later! <3

    1. I cant wait to be your motherly advisor lol!!